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Reference projects that we have constructed in the past 13 years.

Our main focus is divided in four different areas of activity within steel construction:

Architectural steel construction

  • Conference center "Rosengarten" in Mannheim
  • Multipurpose stadium and ice rink in Dusseldorf "Dom in Rath"
  • New Berlin Central Station, Lehrter Bahnhof – Buegelbau with office buildings
  • UN conference hall, crystal roof in Bonn
  • Fritz Walter soccer stadium in Kaiserslautern (reconstruction and extension)
  • Allianz-Arena in Munich (secondary substructure for roof and façade)
  • Airport expansion and und redesign of the roof constructions in Moscow-Sheremetyevo-III
  • Atrium roof of the Technical University Darmstadt

Steel furnace construction for walking beam- and pusher furnaces with their piping for gas and air

  • BSW – pusher furnace (approx. 1,200 t)
  • Thyssen Krupp Steel in Beekerswerth
  • Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes Deutschland GmbH, Dusseldorf-Rath factory
  • Thyssen Krupp Steel, Bochum factory
  • Vallourec & Mannesmann France Tuberie de Deville
  • SZFG –TWW-Factory 1, Salzgitter
  • VSB - Q&T Furnaces in Brazil
  • Vallourec & Mannesmann Shell in Brazil
  • Thyssen Krupp Steel, Walking Beam Furnace in Alabama, USA
  • Arcelor-Mittal, ladle furnace in Bremen

Power Plant construction

  • PP Suedzucker in Zeitz, bunker installation with collecting bins, boiler scaffold (approx. 9,250 t)
  • PP Neurath Block F and G, levels of the top part of the boiler house with connections to the boiler scaffold (approx. 900 t)
  • PP Boxberg, all overview plans, construction of the machine house, of the air heater scaffold, bunkers with their collecting bins (approx. 16,000 t)
  • PP Belchatow, static wall elements in the top part of the boiler house
  • PP Eemshaven, boiler scaffold and construction for the quick installation of the boiler house (approx. 1,200 t)
  • PP Westfalen, complete bottom part of boiler house from +0.00m to +40,00m with connection statics (approx. 3,200 t)
  • PP Sostanj 6 in Slovenia, complete hanging upper house from +62m to +110m with connection statics (approx. 6,600 t)
  • PP RDK8 Karlsruhe, static control with verifiable proof of all connections (approx. 32,000)
  • PP GKM9 Mannheim, re-drawing of all workshop plans with data (approx. 22,000 plans)

Industrial- and Installation construction

  • Thyssen Krupp Steel vacuum installation in Beekerswerth (approx. 2,400 t)
  • Thyssen Krupp Steel hot-dip galvanizing line FBA8 in Dortmund (arch. award in industrial construction) (approx. 3,200 t)
  • Siempelkamp GmbH & Co. KG, MDF plant in Salzburg (approx. 2.800 t)
  • Siempelkamp GmbH & Co. KG, MDF plant in Unilin (approx. 600 t)
  • Siempelkamp GmbH & Co. KG, MDF plant in Costa Rica (approx. 280 t)
  • Pipe bridge, coking plant Schwelgern (approx. 2,330 t)
  • Carbogrit Production Buildings A and B for Material Preparation, Denmark (approx. 270 to)
  • Midrex Reduction CDRI / HDRI Project PKOG, Ukraine
  • DaimlerChrysler, building 114, BA II, Dusseldorf factory
  • Airbus equipment- and assembly hangars (AMH) in Hamburg
  • IKEA furniture store in Fuerth
  • BMW AG – manufacturing and energy, factory 01/10, Munich
  • DaimlerChrysler AG, drying hall 7, Bremen factory
  • Oil refinery plant for Chiyoda Bandar Assaluyeh Petrochemical Industries in Iran
  • BV-Alfa Laval, Stako deodorization system for Walter Rau in Neuss

Our priority activities are, as follows:

  • Statics of rods (just partially due to the physical distance)
  • Verifiable statics of connections
  • Creation of a 3D model of the supporting structure with details for further derivation:
    • General drawings (Layout with various views and sections)
    • Workshop plans
    • Installation locations plans
    • Data material for further processing for the workshop and for ordering

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